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SYSTRA SWS, part of the international SYSTRA group, a leader in rail and urban transport engineering. SYSTRA is one of the world’s leading engineering and consultancy groups specialising in public transport and mobility solutions. For more than 60 years, the Group has been committed to helping cities and regions to contribute to their development by creating, improving and modernising their transport infrastructures. With its 7,500 employees, the Group’s mission is to make travel more fluid throughout the world in order to bring populations closer together and facilitate access to employment, education and leisure.

Signature team for transport solutions, SYSTRA supports its partners and clients throughout the lifecycle of their projects. Since 1982 we have been providing specialized engineering, project management and risk management services in the world of infrastructure.

Found in Italy, with four offices, Trento, Rome, Turin and Rende, but with a solid international presence guaranteed by our 13 foreign offices and the dynamic attitude of our management team, we can bring the advantages of significant international experience to a local scale. We operate in the field of infrastructure development, railways, subways, highways, hydraulic works, providing specialized design, project management and risk management services.

Research and development are the motor of our growth. For large underground works and road and rail tunnels, our engineers are developing 3D models and advanced simulation techniques, applying to construction the Digital Technique that is already the basis of aerospace design.

We use a state-of-the-art computing system whose current configuration consists of over 2400 computing processors and is capable of performing half a million billion operations per second. Our strength is our people. We are convinced that people who carry out activities that can influence the quality of services must be qualified and
thoroughly trained. That is why we strive for maximum professionalism, involvement, knowledge, and education in this way: By identifying specific ‘areas of concern’ where the Company is committed to delivering excellence.

Promoting a wide range of training actions such as: self-training, courses and seminars, conferences, and collaboration with universities. Planning an adequate number of extra hours for each project, with the aim of fostering continuous improvement; and Stimulating the publication of technical articles for international conferences and technical journals.

L’azienda in breve

  • Turnover 30M€;
  • 40 consecutive years of growth;
  • 5 brevets;
  • 250 employees;
  • Average age 35 years;
  • Active projects in 17 countries;
  • 4 offices in Italy;
  • 13 offices in other countries;
  • 3500 hours of training;
  • 1300 km of railways designed;
  • more than 650 km of tunnels designed;
  • 1900 km of roads designed;
  • 3 million square feet of buildings and dams designed;
  • field implementation of BIM methodology.

Perché lavorare in SYSTRA -SWS

It’s not just about the curriculum.

  • Training is important, but for SYSTRA -SWS being dynamic, open to new challenges and ready to grow as a team is even more important. The value of people comes first and is decisive both for one’s own professional growth and for the success of the whole group.
  • That is why we are always on the lookout for new and bright talent.
  • Our Employees Values are:
    – Excellence
    – Connected teams
    – Bold leadership


“By joining SYSTRA SWS, you will contribute to improving the daily movements of millions of people, with sustainable solutions that respect the environment.”

Opportunità per gli universitari

  • Graduate program
  • Curricular and extra-curricular internships
  • Thesis
  • Training

Aree di interesse

  • Engineering 50% 50%
  • Mathematics and Statistics 20% 20%
  • Computer science 30% 30%
  • Economic-managerial 10% 10%

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