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Technip Energies is a world-leading engineering and technology player. We bring our clients game-changing projects to life, and are committed to enhancing their performance.
Our expertise includes a full range of design and project development services, from early engagement to delivery.
We’re proud of our 60-year history executing some of the world’s largest and most complex engineering and construction (E&C) projects. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of technologies, products, projects, and services.

We combine our E&C capabilities with our technological know-how to develop new solutions that will support the world’s energy transition. Our leadership in LNG, a critical transition fuel, positions us well for the future. In addition, we offer a range of design, construction and industrial solutions that we expect will become more prominent as the world transitions to a less carbon-reliant economy.

We’re leveraging our engineering expertise and technologies to develop new projects in hydrogen, sustainable chemistry, biofuels, CO2 management/Decarbonizationin addition to other solutions. Together with our clients, we’re taking on the world’s biggest and most innovative energy challenges to build a better tomorrow.

> L’azienda in breve

  • 15,000 talented employees worldwide
  • 34 operating countries 
  • 450 projects under execution
  • 60+ years of operation

We are known for our unique ability to deliver, and our limitless drive to enhance our clients’ performance.
With them we are breaking new boundaries to drive the transition to a low-carbon future.

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